My name is Mesto.

I'm a pretty shitty blogger, 99% of posts will relate to something about fitness, tennis or  photos. Read at own risk!

This Week

First assessments of the academic year, only 2 weeks into the course, the amazing thing is that I actually studied for once, and passed obviously. For anyone that knows me you will know I’m more of a wing it yet do well person!

Saw still game live last night and I was in absolute tears hahahaha. Easily the best show I’ve seen live in terms of comedy, big thanks to mhs015, scullymghee, scullion113! 

The downside about this week? WHAT COUNTRY REJECTS THEIR OWN INDEPENDANCE? Not going to get to political, but when Westminster take advantage of our country again I’m happy to say I’m part of the 45% that is against their rule. Devolution will NOT happen to the same extent we were promised, simple. Walking through George Square last night during the riots just shows how much it is dividing the country. Disgusted at the actions the small minority of folk. What’s funny is that they all looked like gormless bastards. Rant over.

Selection dates for the army have been confirmed and I can’t wait to get started, bring it on!

Lost my chest due to a shoulder injury, but my abs are on there way back!

Lost my chest due to a shoulder injury, but my abs are on there way back!

This Week

Yet another weird week!

Despite feeling like shit on Sunday/Monday I turned it round. Tuesday was a wasted day. However, yesterday my brother finally reached Thailand, I am so fucking jealous of the little shit! (Certain he took half of my wardrobe too

College started up again on Thursday, think I’m going to enjoy this year, get through it then earn my PT qualification. Annoyingly I also really want to go fulltime in the forces, or at least have the opportunity to be put on active service in January/May next year with 2 SCOTS Infantry. According to the platoon sergeant and captain they feel I’m physically capable, it’s just the soldiering skills I’ll need to learn. Considering I’ve just started and I’m already ahead of the game can only mean I might get the chance sooner rather than later (really don’t wanna have to wait a year). 

To finish the week me and Eleanor ended up eating a fucking protein feast, food porn. Then the autumn block of my tennis business started up today. MENTALLY EXHAUSTING!

The last two months😐

The last 2 months have been weird, controversial and successful. I’ve seen relationships start and end, pass college and gain my qualifications, started my own business, successful summer of coaching, added good strength and size training with Greg again and now to top it off I’ve now joined the army and joining 6 Scots for 3 months followed by the SAS. Training starts on Tuesday, is it weird I want nothing more than to disappear into a warzone to get away for a while?

Brother also leaves for Thailand tomorrow for a year, and it’s weird as fuck to imagine not seeing him for so long. Feel awful for my mum knowing both her sons are going to be away from home! 😔

Basically I’ve been thinking how much my life has changed in the past few months, career for the good but because of this I’m neglecting so many people I feel. No idea what to do, feel as though I’m an emotionless cold hearted cunt to most people. Luckily I just use this to get things of my chest! (Even I of all people have feelings)

Anyway, despite everything going on the I’m still one motivated mother fucker and my main aim is to still make my old man prouder than he could have ever imagined🙋

Started my own fitness business since my last post (Obviously despite the stress I passed the course). 9 weeks in, client base going well!

Last few nights out.